HatQuest for Office Happiness Managers

HatQuest’s journey began with a search for a simple yet fun team-building platform during the pandemic. As we all cooped up in our homes and worked in isolation, there was no way for us to connect personally and make newer folks comfortable in their new space. 

HatQuest was always developed keeping in mind the needs of office happiness managers who need to glue the team together and keep them happy, no matter where the team was working from. We believe that it is the silly banter and healthy competition during fun activities that can bring a team closer, even if they’re miles apart physically. Today, each of the HatQuest activities can be used in different ways to bring the team together. Here are some ways office happiness managers can use it as a team building tool. 

Customized Quizzes

Quizzes are a fantastic way to engage your team while fostering a sense of camaraderie. HatQuest offers a range of customizable quiz options that cater to different team-building objectives.

Get to Know the Team Quizzes

Building strong relationships within a team requires understanding and appreciating each other’s unique qualities. With HatQuest, you can create “Get to Know the Team” quizzes, you can create questionnaires that delve into personal interests, hobbies, and backgrounds. These quizzes help team members discover commonalities and spark conversations beyond work-related topics.

Custom Themed Quizzes

Injecting a dose of excitement into your team-building activities is essential to keep the energy high. HatQuest’s custom themed quizzes allow you to create trivia challenges based on popular TV shows, movies, sports, or any other topic of interest. These quizzes not only encourage friendly competition but also provide a platform for team members to showcase their knowledge and interests.

Onboarding and Training Quizzes

Smooth onboarding and continuous training are crucial for new team members to feel welcomed and integrated into the company culture. HatQuest allows you to create and share onboarding and training quizzes with your teammates. These quizzes offer a creative way to assess and reinforce knowledge gained during the onboarding process. By gamifying the learning experience, you can make training sessions more engaging and memorable.

Spin the Bottle to Break the Ice

Breaking the ice and fostering a comfortable atmosphere among team members is vital for effective collaboration. HatQuest’s “Spin the Bottle” game takes this classic party game and transforms it into a virtual icebreaker activity. Participants take turns spinning the digital bottle, and whoever it lands on must answer a fun question or share a lighthearted anecdote. This interactive game helps create a relaxed and friendly environment, encouraging open communication and team bonding.

Customized Spin the Wheel

If you’re looking for a versatile team-building activity that can adapt to various scenarios, HatQuest’s customized spin the wheel game is the perfect choice. You can tailor the wheel to include a variety of challenges, tasks, or icebreaker questions. Whether it’s assigning a team member a random task, deciding the order of presentations, or simply sparking engaging conversations, this game adds an element of surprise and excitement to your virtual team gatherings.We love using Spin the Wheel for things like picking out the book of the month for the members of our book club to read. You can use it for a monthly lucky draw. Give the winner a day off, an office-sponsored lunch, a spa gift card, or anything else self care related.

Tombola Prizes for Fun Surprises

Who doesn’t love surprises and rewards? Playing games like Bingo and Tombola dn giving out prizes to winners is a delightful way to incentivize participation and engagement during team-building activities. By incorporating a virtual tombola, you can create a sense of anticipation and excitement among your team. You can give the participants a chance to win small tokens, such as e-gift cards, extra break time, or even unique experiences, adding an extra layer of fun to your team-building initiatives.

When in Doubt, Poll It!

Effective team-building involves actively listening to your team members’ opinions and preferences. HatQuest’s polling feature allows you to gather valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. Whether you’re deciding on the next team outing, selecting a charity for a community initiative, or brainstorming ideas for team-building activities, polling provides a democratic and inclusive way to involve everyone’s input. Encouraging active participation in decision-making fosters a sense of ownership and boosts team morale.

Pictionary for an Artsy Competition

Unleash your team’s creativity and embrace healthy competition with HatQuest’s virtual Pictionary. This classic drawing game challenges participants to convey words or phrases using only their artistic skills. Everyone can take turns drawing, as the system automatically picks people from the team.

Pictionary offers a fun way to encourage collaboration, imagination, and laughter. It’s a perfect

Find What Suits Your Team 

HatQuest is not limited to the Quizzes and Pictionary lists that we build for you. Customize every activity to suit your teams needs and interest. Find what helps you bond and play away!


Radhika Shenoy