5 Tips to Stay more Focused at Work

Image Credits: Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

With the world moving towards a more remote or hybrid work set-up, minimizing distractions and focusing on work has become one of the biggest challenges for working professionals.

While we’re all trying to find ways to limit distractions, some things you can’t avoid. Meetings, work calls, and emails are typically part of the job but even those can distract you from your task at hand. What then of other non-work-related distractions at home and office that can potentially set you back?

How can you avoid distractions at work without switching off your phone and laptop altogether? Here are ten ways to stop getting distracted and increase your focus at work.

1. Plan, Organize, Execute, Repeat!

It may sound a little cliched, but a to-do list and a clear plan of action should be your first order of business when you’re trying to increase your focus and productivity. It’s natural for all of us to feel like we’re bogged down by multiple tests, and planning and prioritizing activities decrease the burden on the brain. Whenever your mind beings to wander and worry about unfinished tasks, you can whip out your checklist and stay right on track.

2. Create Time Blocks and Limit Interruptions

While some interruptions are difficult to avoid, you do have control over others. This can be done in the form of:

  • Setting up work blocks throughout the day and taking intervals only with you finish one task.
  • Taking a technology break by putting your phone on silent and turning it face down so that you can’t see any notifications.

3. Set Rigid Work Hours and Limit Person Calls and Chores to Your Free Time

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is very important to stay focussed too. While it’s easy to take a quick break between work to finish a household chore or finally call your aunt, these can eat up a lot of time and decrease productivity.

4. Finish a Task Before you Move on to the Next.

Multitasking can make us feel like superman, it can honestly impact productivity and focus. More often than not, multitasking results in more errors and less than perfect end result, because you’ve given yourself too much to deal with at once.

5. Have a designated Workstation.

Don’t work on your bed or your dining table. Setting aside a separate place at home to work can make it easier to get into work mode. Best if you have a separate room, where you can also shut your doors, but a separate table and chair should do the job. This will help you tell yourself that since you’re in the “work chair” you’re supposed to be working.


Radhika Shenoy