Play the game of chance: Tombola

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Tombola is an Asian version of the more popular Bingo. It’s a game of numbers and luck. The game requires a host to call out numbers 1 to 90 one at a time, which in the case of HatQuest is picked at random by our system. The rest of the players need to look out out for what number is being called out and strike it out if it’s on their tickets.

There are various winning positions in a game of Tombola, but the only catch is that players have to call it to win it. So, be your most alert self during a game of Tombola.

Tombola is More Fun With a Video Conference

Add an interactive element to your game by starting a video conference. You’ll find that Tombola is more fun when you can interact with your group in real time.

Friday kickbacks or Sunday potlucks, start a quick round of Tombola, start a video conference and see who’s the luckiest one out there.

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